What’s a Food Industry to Do?

I’d been asked by the food industry to give this talk at an industry breakfast, but 3 days prior to the event they got cold feet and dis-invited me. The good news is, the Internet’s a much larger audience than a room full of food industry folks who likely wouldn’t have cared much about what I had to say in the first place. So here’s my take on what the food industry can do, why they’re not going to do it, and what we can do about it.

One thought on “What’s a Food Industry to Do?

  1. He had me up until his solutions consisted of only “Legislate, legislate, legislate”. I think there should be better requirements for product labeling, but people should be responsible for their own health. Teaching proper nutrition is better than trying to artificially coerce people into eating differently. After experiencing my own dramatic weight loss and health improvement after switching to LCHF living, I no longer trust federal nutrition guidelines, and reject potential enforcement of it.

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