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    Thomas H.

    Is it true that Americans are obese because of their stupidity? Or maybe there is a conspiracy to make them fat?

    Obesity meme


    Not every American is rich and has access to healthy food.

    One out of 6 Americans struggle with hunger. But this can lead to obesity. Fast food is available and cheap.

    I watched a documentary about how hunger and obesity go together. When a family has very low income but is not eligible for food stamps, fast food is the easiest and cheapest option. Instead of eating expensive food (organic vegetables and fruits, meat from grass fed animals), people eat the greasy and fattening fast foods.


    I stopped drinking sugar filled drinks and I lost 2 kg in the first week. It is not rocket science, fat is not the issue, sugar is!


    @Michael beware of switching to fizzy drinks loaded with artificial sweeteners, whilst this will bring your sugar intake down, it is likely to raise the acidity level in your body. Get some litmus strips from your local pharmacy and test your saliva and urine to see whether you’re acidic, because if you are, it will make it much more difficult for you to shed body fat, as the body uses fat as an alkaline store if you’re acidic. I take Coral Calcium supplementation and eat lots of live foods such as cucumbers, lettuce, to keep my body acidity neutral, which stops me from gaining weight. Sugar and fats are only part of the equation.


    For a very long time we were told eggs weren’t as healthy as they were made out to be. Avocado was bad. Don’t eat potatoes. Don’t eat foods cooked in dripping. (My father had dripping the roast had been cooked in on bread and he lived to 94) Don’t eat butter or drink full fat milk. The list goes on and on. Now there is a huge turnaround. Now they PROMOTE eggs, avocado, butter, milk, etc. (not sure about the dripping though, lol, but there are about 5 brands of it still readily available in all supermarkets). Wonder how long before the so called experts will change their minds again.


    I have always said that sugar was white death. I think we should worry less about the fat content and worry more about sugar content if we want to lose weight.


    I am overweight. My BMI is too high. My body fat index is too high. Although I am a vegetarian, that does not mean that I always eat sensibly – too much pasta, pizza and potatoes. Carbs, calories and salt are everywhere.

    I go to a fitness club three times a week. I try, at least try to get healthy.

    The irony of it all is that as I drive in to park, I see slovenly overweight people, driving oversized gas-guzzlers, spending 2-3 minutes trying to make a dual 3-point turn to try and get into a parking space close to the entrance when no more than 20-30 feet further in the parking lot there are ample open spaces.

    These same people take the elevator to the second floor where the cardio equipment is, rather than walk up one flight of stairs.

    The gentleman that is my trainer and I both laugh. He has a job for life.

    It’s like hospitals – ever see the food that they serve to patients or visitors from their in-house cafeterias – total grease, fried and fat. The worst, most unhealthy food you could ever find.

    Should have been a cardiologist. The visitor of a patient who eats at the hospital is my next patient.


    Take, for example, my mom. She’s never topped 110 pounds all her life. She always takes elevators and parks near entrances because she has acute sciatica. It hurts like mad to walk – not that you’d know that by looking at her. Nerve damage is invisible.

    Mom just had surgery and spent a month in the hospital. I was with her every single day, and never once saw fried, greasy, or fatty foods served to her – or, on the menu she ordered from. It was grilled fish or chicken, steamed veggies and fruits every single day.

    Stop judging people and laughing at them. Focus on your own issues, stop assuming other people share your affliction. It’s just not nice.


    @pachymonster Not everyone has good knees that can do stairs. If people are trying, why are you laughing at them? Why is your trainer?

    People who are hospital visitors are often under stress, and they often prefer the comfort foods in that case. Almost all hospitals have salads, yogurt, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables; some have sushi, hummus, and other healthy choices. They offer the food, but if people don’t choose to eat it, the hospital cannot make them do so.


    Eat more of the good foods. Eat less (or none) of the bad foods. Exercise more, including aerobic and functional strength exercise. Walk or bike, instead of driving a half mile or a mile down the street. More than a third of total trips in the U.S. are shorter than 2-3 miles, but many people will drive everywhere.

    I agree that infrastructure plays a role too. In many communities, people are almost forced to drive everywhere because of the lack of sidewalks, trails, bike lanes and bike paths. Some will complain about subsidies for bike infrastructure, but every form of transportation is heavily subsidized, especially single-occupant driving. But not every form of transportation results in $200 billion of avoidable healthcare costs every year.

    Charlotte S.

    When I was a kid, we had playtime at school (where we ran around like maniacs) and were encouraged to move. What happened to those things? Many schools no longer have gym or play time. We dope kids up (I believe too many kids are being diagnosed with ADD when what they have is normal energy syndrome) so they’ll sit quietly in class. I wonder what the long term effects of these drugs are? And many of the medications we’re given cause weight gain. And medications that might help with weight loss (IE long acting and short acting pain medications) are not being given to those in chronic pain.

    Ed Hancox

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the Swedish summer solstice festival here in Manhattan. As you would expect, the crowd was full of Swedes. I remarked to my friend that you could tell that we weren’t in a majority American crowd since almost all of the people were so noticeably fit and thin. It was kind of a sad commentary on the state of my own nation.


    I’m a sugar addict. I replaced smoking with sugar (chocolate and lots of it daily) other than chocolate I am very healthy eat lots of lean protein, veggies and fruit! I have gained a good ten kilos since stopping smoking and I’m very disappointed. Sugar really does make you fat! Today I start day 1 of cold turkey and I landed on this topic by searching the net for the bad effects sugar has on body as I am health conscious.

    Thanks for the information and further encouragement to stop being a pig!

    I wonder if there is a supplement that one an take to help the release or disguise the chemical in brain from presenting so strong??


    #1 Genetics plays a large role in childhood and adult obesity.

    There are some people who come from agrarian cultures that eat rice, fatty meats, etc on a REGULAR basis and gain no weight at all. I dated Columbian women who ate so much pork, I’ve never seen so much pork eaten. Rail thin, European bodies with hourglass figure. Almost never exercises.

    #2 Researchers do not have enough evidence to show that a low-fat, low-salt or even low-sugar diet automatically prevents obesity or diseases. (Partly because of #1).

    The mainstream media tried forcing us into low-salt diets and it turns out that low-salt is more dangerous than moderate-salt – due to our nervous systems breaking down and dehydration.

    #3 There will always be fat people.

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