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    Angela E.

    Does eating too much fish can give you mercury poisoning? How much is too much?

    What is my risk of getting mercury poisoning if I eat salmon, tuna, and sushi most days of the week?

    Should I start consuming poultry or grass fed beef instead of fish?


    It depends on the type of fish. Some types of fish contain more mercury than others.

    Avoid eating these fish:

    • Mackerel (King)
    • Marlin
    • Orange Roughy
    • Shark
    • Swordfish
    • Tilefish
    • Tuna (Bigeye, Ahi)

    Why exactly are they so concerned with the canned tuna’s safety level or mercury when they mandate vaccinations which contain up to 10,000X the EPA’s “safe level” for human consumption?

    Vaccines contribute to not only autism but numerous other neurological disabilities in humans.


    The larger the fish, the more mercury it has. A friend of a friend took a tuna sandwich to work about four times a week for several years. He has cancer of the mouth/throat and doctors attribute it to all that tuna.

    Eat smaller fish such as sardines and anchovies. The smaller the fish, the less mercury they are likely to have. Tuna are large fish so they absorb a lot of mercury.


    What a shame, something that is so good for us and we have ruined it with our pollution!


    And what about the leaching that occurs from your dental fillings?


    Things I only found found out when I got pregnant: your brain shrinks in the 3rd trimester!

    I am all about eating salmon and low mercury fish to give the baby source material for brain making, and hopefully reduce my own brain shrinkage. Omega 3s are so important. Just stick to salmons and sardines if you’re worried about mercury!

    Joe R.

    And this is right after the Nuclear Spill in Japan, which I’m sure has contaminated any fish in its path. Not very wise to encourage pregnant women to eat more fish!


    If you eat Fukushima-tainted Pacific bluefin tuna, your radiation dose will be about 5% of the dose acquired from the Potassium in an uncontaminated store-bought banana.

    Just google “Fukashima + tuna + bananas” or read this study:

    Madigan, Daniel J., Zofia Baumann, and Nicholas S. Fisher. “Pacific bluefin tuna transport Fukushima-derived radionuclides from Japan to California.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109, no. 24 (2012): 9483-9486.


    Most of the things we eat everyday aren’t healthy. Parents are worried to give their children fish, but parents aren’t worried when they give processed food that has chemicals in it, artificial sweeteners or junk food to their children. Be honest, parents don’t give fish to their children, but they buy a lot of artificial food which isn’t good either…

    Ancy A.

    Fish are high in Omega 3’s because the base of their food chain is algae – the growing part of a plant. Cows used to be grazed on grass – the growing part of the plant – which created Omega 3’s in their bodies. Now we feed them the storage part of the plant (grains) which creates Omega 6’s in their bodies.

    You know, there’s not enough fish in the sea to make up for the changes we made to the fat composition of our grazing animals. Thanks to irresponsible government oversight agencies, advances in catching technology and greedy corporate manipulations since the 1890s, we now have less than 1% of the volume and variety of fish in the NW Atlantic that were there in 1880, when over half of the catch was taken within sight of shore, and the catch was many times what it is today.

    Bring back grass-fed!!!

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