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    I know that there are theories that state migraines possibly have vascular causes.

    Does concentrating blood flow elsewhere (for example: in the penis) can reduce the blood flow to the brain? Does sexual arousal help migraines?


    According to a new study from Taiwan, men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to also have migraine headaches.

    “It’s an interesting first recognition of the correlation, but by no means does it mean they’re causally linked,” said Dr. Tobias Köhler of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, who specializes in male sexual function and fertility.


    I get a migraine headache when my penis is erected. This is because migraines happen when not enough blood is flowing through a part of your brain.

    My doctor said that my headache was because a lot of my blood goes to the penis when it is erected.


    Maybe your cock is so big it is banging your forehead. 🙂

    All jokes aside, I had a similar thing, but I was going through puberty when that happened. I left it and carried on masturbating as usual and having blow jobs and it went after about a month or so.

    So, don’t worry, keep masturbating and smile.


    Migraines that happen during sex are a known medical phenomena called coital cephalgia (or sexual headaches).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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