Obesity can cause infertility and sexual dysfunctions in men

With the growing percentage of citizens of the US who are obese, today more than 25% of men are suffering from obesity as compared to the 7% back in the 1900’s.

Unfortunately, obesity is not only a problem for a person’s vanity and self-esteem, but is the cause for some dangerous health conditions and in many cases can have an even fatal ending for men and women suffering from this serious weight problem.

In fact, obesity and the sedentary lifestyle of US citizens claim about 1,000 lives every day.

Obesity can cause infertility and sexual dysfunctions in men. Photo by FatM1ke. License of the photo: public domain. Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Central_Obesity_011.jpg

A morbidly obese male. Weight 146 kg/322 lbs, height 177 cm/5 ft 10 in. The body mass index is 46.

Obesity causes problems with the cholesterol, the clogging of blood vessels and the increased risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Obesity also can cause high sugar and insulin levels and cause diabetes. It is also known to increase the risk of getting gallstones, obstructive sleep apnea, fatty liver and even cancer.

Something which you may not be aware of is that obesity in men can also affect their reproductive functions and sexual performance as well. Obesity will cause the metabolism to slow down and the hormone production is thus affected.

Often, men who are obese suffer from erectile dysfunction which is caused by the lowered production of testosterone, as well as by the decreased blood flow to the penis resulting from the high bad cholesterol levels causing extensive amounts of fat to block the blood vessels, which supply the penis with blood. This leads to insufficient amounts of blood being able to flow into the penis leading to the inability to have an erection and to uphold it during sexual performance.

Also, obesity has a negative effect on the prostate health of men. For each point of increase of the Body mass index (BMI) of men over 40, the production of testosterone was found to decrease by 2 percent, in a study performed in 2007.

Another study found a correlation between the increased waist size and the testosterone production in men. Men who experienced an increase of the waist circumference of 4 inches were found to have a 75% lower production of testosterone.

Research also has found a correlation between obesity and lower sperm quality and quantity (sperm count and motility), so in many cases if a couple is having a problem conceiving, the obesity of one or both of the partners can turn out to be the underlying cause. It was found that by losing only 10% of their weight, men increased their sperm count and quality drastically.

Being obese also increases the risk of having kidney problems and developing kidney stones. The proper function of the liver and the kidney is crucial for the health and the fertility of men too.

With the increase of the waist size increases the risk for men to get an enlarged prostate as well. A Harvard research showed that men with waists of 43 inches or more were over two times more likely to develop an enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia) and to require surgery for it, as compared to the men with waists of 35 inches or smaller.

Obesity also causes the PSA prostate antigen levels to decrease, which leads to a higher risk of developing some form of prostate cancer.

Meme about obesity: So you're telling me your people die because they eat too much?

A popular meme about obesity: So you’re telling me your people die because they eat too much?

Whatever we say, we can’t stress more on the importance on engaging in a healthy diet and starting to do some exercising, especially if you are overweight and obese. If you are male and want to be healthy, alive and to keep your sexual functions and reproductive system intact, then you should make an effort and lose some of that extra weight.

You don’t need to lose the weight at once. In fact, slowly but surely does it. As we said earlier on, by reducing just one tenth of your weight, you will improve your sexual function and fertility drastically.

So, throw away that junk food and other unhealthy sugary and processed foods, and try eating a healthy diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits, healthy unsaturated fat, poultry and lean meat, and don’t forget to say “no” to soda and other sugary drinks. If you can’t eat without bread, choose wholegrain products, and stay away from white processed bread, pasta and rice, and the pounds will come off.

Do some exercise, and try to indulge into a more active lifestyle in order to speed up your metabolism and allow for the better fat burning and weight loss.

Last but not least, in order to boost your sexual function and work on resolving some sexual dysfunction problems you may have developed because of your extra weight, you can add some natural supplements, such as ProCalisX or ProVigraX, which will naturally boost your stamina and energy, and will allow for a better sexual performance. Sex is good for your hormone balance and for some weight loss as well! Having good sex will stimulate you even more to get in shape and will restore the self esteem which is often harmed when a person is suffering from obesity or sexual dysfunctions or both.

Take some steps to get fit and become a healthier person now. Start from today, and you won’t regret doing it!

4 thoughts on “Obesity can cause infertility and sexual dysfunctions in men

  1. I have struggled with obesity most of my 70 years. I have tried everything you can imagine over the years to no avail. Over the last couple of years I have lost more than 100#. I did it with a combination of portion control, permission and changing the way in which I eat.

    Portion control is simple. Protein, meat, fish, even tofu, the size of your palm and no thicker than your hand. Starch, bread, rice, potatoes, beans, etc. the size of a baseball. All the veggies you can eat.

    Give yourself permission to have seconds. Most diets fail because of the onerous restrictions. Knowing you can have more if you want takes the pressure off.

    Change how you eat. Take a fork or spoon full. Put it in your mouth. Put the fork or spoon down on your plate. Chew your food thoroughly. Make it a meditation, feel the flavors, feel the muscles of your mouth and jaw working, Once you have liquified the food in your mouth. Then pick up your utensil and take another bite. Once you have finished what is on your plate wait 10 minutes. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full. That is why when you wolf your food you often feel bloated. After 10 minutes, if you want, you can have more.

    Last but not least, if you fall off the proverbial wagon remember that tomorrow is another day. You didn’t fail. You just slipped.

    Happy eating.

  2. Glyphosate is a significant contributor to the obesity epidemic. It chelates minerals and kills gut bacteria. When your body doesn’t have enough trace minerals you have to eat more. So, in part, obesity has to do with a micro-nutrient deficiency.


    Another culprit is MSG (glutamate). Rats fed a high-MSG diet give birth to off-springs that are obese – and unintelligent. MSG messes up the brains reward system and blocks the natural feeling of satiety.

  3. Americans are obese because they do not exercise and eat too much.

    Then they try to blame their obesity on other things (like wheat, MSG, GMO) instead of taking responsibility for their own health.

    The best solution for curbing obesity is a daily physical activity and balanced diet.

  4. There are many reasons for this obesity epidemic, which is not just in America.

    Food is cheap. Crops growing fast food ingredients are subsidised, whereas organic food is not subsidised. People eat between meals. Snacking is an epidemic of its own. Portions are grossly oversized, 400%.

    Vested interests design their foods to be addictive. There is a wrongheaded attitude to saturated fat. It is the healthiest fat.

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