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LastLonger – Natural Solution for Premature Ejaculation

LastLonger is an herbal supplement which can resolve premature ejaculation, a serious sexual dysfunction, which a large number of men are suffering from. Premature ejaculation can be a result of a number of health and psychological factors, and can cause a total loss of interest in sex and a huge strain on a man’s relationship.

LastLonger is an easy and safe way to resolve this issue. The ingredients of this supplement will cause the brain to better control the production of hormones, which cause the premature ejaculation. LastLonger will resolve the problems which premature ejaculation may be causing with being unable to sexually satisfy your partner, by ensuring you have a lasting erection and a delayed orgasm.

LastLonger – Feature Highlight

LastLonger – Natural Medicine for Premature Ejaculation
  • Ensures a lasting erection and a delayed orgasm
  • Improves overall sexual performance and increases the satisfaction of the partners
  • LastLonger helps control the production of hormones responsible for premature ejaculation
  • It is made entirely of herbs and natural compounds
  • It will help a man restore his enjoyment in sex and improve sexual relationships

How Does LastLonger Work?

LastLonger is an excellent natural supplement made from carefully compiled herbs and vitamins, which will improve the blood flow to the penis, and thus allow for a firmer and more enduring erection. At the same time, these compounds will affect the brain and the way it controls the release of hormones, which determine when an ejaculation occurs.

Two tablets of LastLonger a day will help men with premature ejaculation to have longer and more pleasurable sexual experiences, and will resolve all the anxiety, stress and depression as well as problems with the partner, which premature ejaculation usually leads to.

Not only will LastLonger boost your confidence in bed, but will allow for a quicker recovery following one ejaculation allowing the man to repeat and have numerous orgasms for one day or night.


Brand Name: LastLonger



Argyreia speciosa - 38 mg

Tribulus terrestris - 38 mg

Leptadenia reticulata - 38 mg

Parmelia perlata - 20 mg


Orchis mascula - 78 mg

Hygrophila spinosa - 38 mg

Lactuca scariola - 20 mg

Mucuna pruriens - 20 mg


The recommended daily dosage of LastLonger is two tablets. Take them with water about 30 minutes after eating in the morning. The next two tablets can be taken no earlier than eight hours after the first intake. This means that the maximum number of LastLonger tablets you can take in 24 hours is four.

Even if you happen to miss an intake, do not take a double dosage of LastLonger at once. The full recommended course of LastLonger, which guarantees a lasting effect is six months.

Side Effects

Even though there has been extensive testing of the effects and the formula of LastLonger, which have proven that there are no known unwanted side effects of this natural supplement, you might want to ask your doctor before starting to take them, especially if you are on some kind of prescription drugs already.


Each bottle of LastLonger contains 60 pills.

Quantity Savings Price Add to Cart
1 Bottle of LastLonger - $59.95
2 Bottles of LastLonger $9.95 $109.95
3 Bottles of LastLonger $29.90 $149.95
6 Bottles of LastLonger $100.75 $258.95
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