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Do microwave ovens actually affect our health and our food?

Today, nearly every household and office in the US has a microwave oven because of the convenience and the safety records of these devices. Continue reading

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best-known nutritional myths and legends

There are some nutritional myths and lies which have been around and have been repeated so many times that people have truly started believing them. Well, it is time that these wrongful myths are busted once and for all. Continue reading

Did cavemen have the perfect diet?

The Paleolithic diet, which became very popular at the beginning of the 21st century, is based on the idea that our prehistoric ancestors ate a better and healthier diet during the Paleolithic era when food was all about hunting and gathering. Continue reading

Is bread actually bad for your health?

Even though bread is a basic food and has been mentioned several times in the Bible, throughout the past years and decades, there have been ongoing rumours and theories that bread isn’t actually that crucial for the human diet, and even more that bread could be harmful to man. Continue reading

Are there really mad scientists manipulating our foods, in order to make us addicted and overeat?

With the developments in technology, science and medicine, people are becoming more and more conscious about living a healthier and more natural lifestyle. This is why, there has been a wide outpour of opinions, theories and publications about the evil engineering which goes on in the food production factories. Continue reading

Symptoms that you may be addicted to junk food

Nearly daily, scientific evidence has been surfacing in support of the existence of an actual addiction to food, and at the same time more people in the US and other countries have admitted to be suffering from some form of food addiction. Continue reading

Why low-carb is better than a low-fat diet?

We read and hear about new fad diets virtually every day, and many of us tend to be tempted to try out the latest “amazing” weight loss regimens immediately.

The truth is that one diet may be perfect for one person and yet completely unsuitable for another, so it is important that anyone who is interested in choosing the best diet and way of living for themselves to choose the one which has the best effect on their own individual organism, weight and wellbeing. Continue reading

Is sugar a drug? The truth about sugar addiction

With the growing rates of obesity among the young and old American population, as well as all the health problems and deaths related to obesity and to leading an unhealthy life with an unhealthy diet, more people are becoming aware that some foods need to be limited or completely removed from the diet. Continue reading

How truthful is the modern nutritional policy, and how objective is the science it is based on?

Back in 1958, Ancel Keyes a physiologist from the US began his so-called “Seven country study”, which had a goal of examining the correlation between the traditional local diets and the rates of coronary heart disease in all these countries. Continue reading

How healthy is honey? Is honey healthier than sugar?

Real honey is one of nature’s truly remarkable products, containing a complex of sugars, which are naturally flavored along with trace amounts minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, and all this combined in one delicious and natural product. Continue reading