What Services Does Your Psychologist Offer?

A Fort Wayne psychologist offers a wide variety of services. Whether you’ve been ordered to see a psychologist or made the personal decision yourself, the many services can be a little overwhelming. Here are some more in-depth looks at some of the different types of therapies your psychologist should offer.Take some time to read more about what each service entails and decide which service is best for you. Receiving therapy should be a rewarding experience; something that helps you toward whatever goal you are hoping to achieve. By researching what different options you have in front of you, you can feel assured that you are getting the best treatment available for you. Let’s look at the common types of therapy your psychologist will offer.

Individual Therapy

Whatever reason brings you to therapy, nothing makes you feel more encouraged than a one-on-one session with a skilled professional. Individual therapy offers an environment in which you can feel free to express personal doubts, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes we can overlook the problems in our own lives. Through individual sessions, your psychologist will help you identify those problems and work out solutions to help you improve overall satisfaction in your life. After having these problems and solutions identified, you can then work on a game plan to implement those changes in your life and achieve that satisfaction you’ve always been looking for.

Group Therapy

While group therapy can help with many different problems and situations, it is not for everyone. Before you sign up for group therapy, speak with your psychologist to see if it is a good decision. Common issues treated through group therapy can include eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and anger management. By meeting in group therapy, you can come to learn that you really aren’t alone in your problems. You get the rare opportunity to hear others speak about similar problems and learn from those experiences. You also get the chance to receive grand support, understanding, and encouragement from others who truly understand what you’re going through. Another benefit of group therapy is the opportunity to understand yourself and your relationships with others better. The feeling of camaraderie and fellowship you get during group therapy is something truly indescribable.

Couples Therapy

Not all problems are on the individual level. If you find yourself constantly arguing with your significant other or even struggling with feelings of betrayal, it can be just a frustrating as a personal problem. Couples therapy focuses on problems between two separate people. The most important part of couples therapy is not only learning how to better communicate with your partner, but also how to listen more effectively to what your partner is saying. Couples therapy can help you identify the key issues between you and work out solutions tailored to those specific needs. The end goal of couples therapy is to heal that relationship. Whatever therapy you decide is best for you, remember that a Fort Wayne psychologist is only there to help you. Don’t feel like your problem is unsolvable.