What Can The Mangosteen Fruit Do For You?

In the 1800’s, Queen Victoria (of England) offered to grant knighthood to any man that could bring her a mangosteen fruit in prime condition. No one was ever made a knight. It was virtually impossible to preserve the fruit during the very long journey across the ocean. Because of this, only people near the growing regions were able to enjoy their deliciousness. Because of this unachievable quest, it received the title “Queen of Fruits” and is still known by this name in many regions around the globe.

What Is This Special Fruit?

It is grown in Southeast Asia and has been revered for centuries for its succulent taste and supposed promotion of good health. It is round and purplish in color and almost resembles a large plum with a thick, leafy-green stem on top. Scribes in history as early as 600 AD have recorded the used of this fruit and its xanthone-packed rind to treat health conditions and support good health.

Looking For That Something Extra

These days everyone is looking for that extra something to help them get over the hump. Maybe they just can’t lose those last 5 pounds, or maybe they have tried everything to reduce their joint pain and nothing seems to work. People suffering from chronic headaches, decreased energy, and libido are all looking for something that may give them back that “spring in their step.” It almost sounds like some special elixir that these people are looking for, some fountain of youth gimmick, but many people can testify that their drinking of mangosteen fruit juice has helped them in various areas of their life. The people that sell the fruit and various others like it cannot claim that it can help you in any specific area of your health, as it is not been sanctioned by the FDA. But if you listen to customer testimonials, it can give you hope that it can do the same for you and your life

So What Can It Do?

The mangosteen fruit is full of naturally occurring xanthones which are biologically active compounds that have antioxidant properties, as well as other potential health benefits. They are found in many different types of plants, but not nearly in the abundance as they are found in this one. This fruit has the ability to help one maintain overall intestinal health and support your immune system. It can also help you in supporting your cartilage and joint function. (While it can’t claim to cure your arthritis, there are many customers that have commented on the increased function and decreased pain in their joints. Some have even mentioned that it helps them with their season respiratory functionality. (In other words, it reduces the effect of allergens in the body.) One of the big benefits is the aforementioned antioxidant power. There are free radicals in our body that can do harm if left alone to accumulate. Our body can naturally get rid of them, but not nearly as fast as it needs to. The xanthones in this fruit neutralize these free radicals and decrease the destructive damage that they do to our body systems.