Ways to Know if Your Child Has Eating Disorder

Is your child losing a lot of weight? It should be a cause of concern for you as a parent. It is not easy to look at someone damaging his health for eating poorly especially if that someone is your child. Eating disorders are not about the food or the weight. These are real attempts to deal with emotional and behavioral stresses and stress-related problems. Here are some ways to detect if your child is suffering from an eating disorder.

Not all weight loss is the same

Contrary to public perception, being underweight does not 100 percent guarantee that the child has an eating disorder. There are tons of reasons why the child is losing weight including various metabolic disorders or even diabetes. In fact there are people that are overweight that have eating disorders. Find out first why the child is losing weight or underweight before concluding that he has an eating disorder. Try to check with the child if he is eating well yet despite of it all the weight continues to fall.

Withdrawal can be an indicator

Withdrawal from friends and some activities could be a tell-tale sign that the child is indeed having an eating disorder. Compare his engagement with friends and activities before and check it with the present. If the child is less active and more aloof to be with friends then there is reason to be suspicious. If the withdrawal from activities is coupled with weight reduction then there is a problem that may be tied to behavioral issues and an eating disorder. It is best to show support to your child and assure him that whatever is going on he can be assured of your backing 100 percent of the time.

Changes in clothing are a warning

Anorexia is characterized with a distorted view of the body. Sufferers often suffer symptoms of anxiety fearing that they have become too fat. Their unusual view of size and shape could manifest in their choice of clothes. Some could opt for looser clothes to mask the body or its parts as some would be wearing skimpier clothes to reveal parts of the body. It is best to pay attention to these subtle changes and remember to never make any accusations or jump into conclusions. You may not be hitting the correct nerve and it could make the situation worse as it is.

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