Senior Citizens Health and Wellness Tips

Senior citizens are known to have limited regenerative abilities besides being more vulnerable to diseases, syndromes and other physical and mental conditions. The bones often lose calcium and other minerals making them weaker. Muscle weakness is another condition that comes with old age but this is often as a result of poor diet, reduced activity and less tolerance. Diseases affecting the whole body and other mental issues such as stress also lead to muscle weakness.

Generally speaking, aging is a lifecycle stage when a person’s capacity to act, think, relate and learn begins to deteriorate. Aging often leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin thus the wrinkles and physical symptoms like eye bags among other undesirable features. The health if an individual is a great concern in this stage and that is why I will address a couple of issues to do with senior citizen health and how to stay healthy and fit for long. I hope that these few tips will be beneficial to you or the person you are taking care of.

  • Get in shape and stay fit as soon as you can. If you have accumulated some weight over the years, there are different healthy exercises especially aerobic workouts for senior citizens that will help burn fats and restore your shape. Note that fats are the root cause of many diseases and conditions including heart attack and high blood pressure.
  • Eat healthy at all times, avoid any elements that will cause health issues such as fatty foods, alcohol, stimulants like coffee and cigarettes or any processed carbohydrates. Eat foods rich in fiber, proteins, calcium, vitamins and other beneficial elements to keep your body healthy and fir.
  • Regular medical checkup is very important, even when you have not noticed any health issues to worry about. Regular checkup will help you know when there are issues such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes or cancer in good time.
  • Be proactive, engage in physical exercises to keep your muscles strong and take part in fun activities as well as social gatherings so as to reduce stress and live happy. This is very important to keep away most mental issues like senility and memory loss.

Start on these steps slowly and regulate so as to keep the body in good healthy shape without risking injuries. With time, everything will become a routine and there will be no challenges to enjoying retirement and senior citizenship.