Reducing Hyperactivity in Kids through Diet

Kids can be so active. This may seem normal knowing that children are still in a stage where their curiosity is at its peak so anything they see is always worth seeing and worth hopping into. But, the child’s hyperactivity may sometimes pose serious problems not only to the kid’s development but to the parents as well. Luckily, there are some foods that you can include in your child’s daily diet in order to tone down his hyperactivity.

Vanilla ice cream

Now we are talking. Vanilla ice cream may not be the exact flavor your children would be looking for but it is one of the healthiest when it comes to calming the nerves. Vanilla is known to have therapeutic effects on anxiety and nervousness. The vanilla’s calming effect has long been documented and there have been people using vanilla aroma as part of anti-anxiety aromatherapy sessions. Try to have sugar-free ice cream in your refrigerator and keep the sugary chocolate syrup away to lower the temptation. There are even vanilla flavored, no-sugar yogurts which are healthier because of the probiotics. Probiotics can improve the digestive issues that often are seen in most hyperactive kids.


Aside from the fact that oat meals are healthy with all the fiber it has, it is also good for the brain. Oat meals can help the brain produce serotonin which is a feel-good chemical that elevates the mood and calm the nerves. Studies show that low serotonin level can cause people to be more hyperactive. Try other foods that can lower the blood pressure level together with the stress levels to feel calmer.


Bananas are rich in a lot of phytochemicals that help the brain to be less anxious and calmer. There have been numerous researches about the ability of the banana to calm the nerves due to the potassium content which is able to make the brain calmer.

When you are trying to calm a hyperactive kid it is noteworthy to cut down on sugar. Additives in some foods should also be avoided like sunshine yellow coloring, ponceau 4R, carmoisine and sodium benzoate. Try to give natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables instead of potato chips and other processed foods that are full of sugars and salt that may not be good for their bodies.

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