What You Can Find at a Healthy Back Store

In today’s world, it takes a lot of different things for us to maintain a healthy body. Though our bodies are strong and durable structures that can take a large amount of abuse, many of our daily repetitive activities can cause us a great deal of pain. Continue reading

Testosterone and Late Onset Hypogonadism

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for reproduction. According to reproductive scientists Jagar and colleagues (2013), testosterone deficiency in men is a common problem. A low level of this androgen is often the consequence of various diseases, and it can be associated with the pathogenesis of many more conditions. Symptoms of late onset hypogonadism (LOH) is due to low testosterone, and include lethargy, lack of concentration, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, irritability, depression, and sleep disturbances. Continue reading

Fighting Bad Hair Days With Suave Volumizing Mousse

Most people experience bad hair days on occasion thanks to factors like the weather or a rushed morning routine. These days are characterized by hair that is unresponsive or unwilling to be styled, and they can be incredibly frustrating. For some unfortunate people, however, bad hair days seem to be the norm. Continue reading

Your Ultimate Guide To Protein Powders

There are a whole heap of workout newbies who don’t even finish a week of exercising before jumping to their nearest supplement store, and begin purchasing protein powders and other various supplements. Perhaps these starters are convinced from the promise of bigger muscles from protein powders, however everyone should learn what a protein powder is before running out to get some. Continue reading

Anxiety Busting Diet

What you eat has an effect on how you feel and how anxiety tags you. That is why it makes sense to eat foods that are known to lower anxiety symptoms. Anti-anxiety diet is all about eating healthier. Eating healthy is a catchphrase that has become trendier as the days go by. Below are some examples of foods that will help you stop anxiety dead on its tracks. Continue reading