My experience with the cold turkey approach

There’s way too much research out there that gets really confusing, especially when you aren’t used to having to dig through it.

I’m a sugar addict for sure. I’m Paleo too, and my cold turkey approach is making it real difficult sometimes. To those thinking about taking the cold turkey route to getting rid of bad sugars, definitely make sure to get rid of the stuff in the house (I can’t, because my family is full of sugar addicts and they’re happy that way -.- ), and when the cravings get real bad, just take a media holiday! Don’t watch TV, keep off the Internet, stay away from your smart phones. Just work out, or start a project. I’ve started work on a suit of armor made of cardboard from all the soda I used to drink due to my attempts to evade cravings. Just keep at it!

One thought on “My experience with the cold turkey approach

  1. I have been a life long sugar addict, eating candy etc daily. After having my daughter, we tried to do away with HFCS and such to keep her healthy. Also when I wanted to lose the baby weight. We did great for a while, (still I was eating candy etc) but slowly things began to creep in.

    Now that my daughter is almost school age and I have a new baby, I have decided to cut out HFCS (again), food coloring, and as many refined sugars as possible. We are now NOT eating any candy, soda, and as usual I carefully peruse the ingredients list on whatever we buy. Making sure that we have no hidden ingredients and as few preservatives as possible.

    I already feel better, also just by being in control of my candy binging! I also use my wallet to show what foods I want! Every penny counts!

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