Moisturizing for Every Skin Type

Applying a daily moisturizer to your face can have many benefits for your skin. Besides moisturizing, it protects skin from the environment, helps skin look young and healthy and even covers up minor imperfections. While a moisturizer for sensitive skin is essential, not all products are created equal.

What is Moisturizing?

In layman’s terms, we moisturize to seal in water in the outer layers of our skin. However, manufacturers do more than the basics these days. They use humectants, which prevent moisture loss, and emollients, which soften and soothe skin.

To go beyond basic moisturizing, you need to choose the right skin care products for your skin.

Choosing for your Skin

Skin types are lumped into three categories, dry, oily and normal. If you have normal skin, you probably don’t have to pay constant attention to maintaining it, except when the weather gets extreme.

However, dry and oily skin types are different. Dry skin requires a formula with more emollients and humectants, making it thicker and harder to wash off. These formulas may contain nutrients and other chemicals to restore damaged skin and keep it hydrated.

For severe dry skin, or any skin in extreme weather, applying a thick, petroleum-based product during and after exposure to the elements is preferable.

Oily skin, on the other hand needs lighter moisturizer. Many people with oily skin will use strong cleaning products, especially if they have acne. Moisturizing after cleaning is a good idea to keep skin healthy, but a product that won’t clog pores should be used.

Sensitive Skin

A moisturizer for sensitive skin should contain healing ingredients. Sensitive skin types may be prone to rashes, eczema, itching and other problems. Ingredients such as aloe, primrose oil, borage seed and chamomile will help soothe this condition.

Daily Routine

As we age, dry and flaky skin can lead to a dehydrated, scaly look. To prevent this we should have a daily moisturizing routine with the proper moisturizers for our skin type. Apply the moisturizer right after showering if possible. In summertime or the dry winter months, consider using a product twice a day.

In addition to using a moisturizer for sensitive skin or any other skin type, be sure to use bath products without harsh cleansers. This is true for any skin type, but especially if yours is sensitive.

As with humectants and emollient skin care products, you can find bath products that are just right for you.