Living Without Pharmaceuticals

Many people who find themselves facing a health problem turn to their doctors, who in turn prescribe pharmaceuticals as the solution. In this society, we believe that taking a single pill and ignoring everything else will fix the problem. Sure, pharmaceuticals usually come with the disclaimer, “With changes to diet and exercise, this can further improve…” or “When diet and exercise aren’t enough…” However, there is very little emphasis on diet and exercise.

Frankly speaking, when diet and exercise are not enough, an individual is not making strong enough changes to those components of their lifestyle. Virtually every health problem can be completely healed through nutrition and exercise, but people are led to believe that they cannot heal themselves. We have become a society reliant on pharmaceuticals, but pills are not the answer and they never will be.

Every day, we put thousands of chemicals into our bodies. These chemicals are present in the foods we eat. In one piece of spinach alone, there are hundreds of different phytonutrients. All of these nutrients work synergistically to power the body and drive metabolism, including healing. When the body is flooded with these phytonutrients, and deprived of bad foods which drain the body’s antioxidant resources, it will achieve seemingly remarkable healing. In reality, the body has always had this power, but it has been burdened with a world flooded by pollutants and contaminants in food and other environmental sources. By believing in yourself and eating right, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Another problem with pharmaceuticals is that they rarely treat the root cause of a condition. Food heals the actual cause of problems, while pharmaceuticals just mask pain and symptoms. Moreover, they cause a host of side effects, because they are completely unnatural and synthetic. It is remarkable how people have failed to identity the host of side effects in pharmaceuticals as evidence of their utter unsustainability and lack of efficacy, yet because billions of dollars are put into their development and doctors tell us to take them, we do.

It is time for people to stand up for their health and start treating themselves without the use of these dangerous chemicals, and usher in a return to natural health and living.Integrating whole food nutrition with herbal medicine is your best bet to recovering from whatever problem you have. Even for serious diseases like cancer and autoimmune conditions, there are herbal remedies which can heal better than anything the medical system has to offer. As long as the current system relies on synthetics, it will never be the final answer for healing. Humanity evolved alongside plants, and it is to plants we must turn for the solutions for our health problems.

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  1. Lack of Folic acid could lead to paralysis as a matter of fact, this is the biggest problem with being a vegetarian/vegan.

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