It will take 10 MONTHS to lose the cravings? Really?

I was told that with a serious sugar addiction it will take 10 MONTHS to lose the cravings.

I’d been completely sugar-free for six weeks at a time before, but as soon as i fell into the “well a little won’t hurt me” thing, I was consuming a lot (for me, but not like the high level of the general public) within a short time. I do still use Stevia for that sweet. Have learned to make several desserts completely added-sugar free with Stevia and whole fruit.

4 thoughts on “It will take 10 MONTHS to lose the cravings? Really?

  1. Real Sugar is not bad for you. Its eating too much food that is bad for you.

    Sugar can be bad for your teeth and not much else. Calories are still calories. Sugar spikes don’t cause hunger. What causes hunger is an emotional addiction to eating too much food.

    We eat sugar because it is simple and easy and in most processed foods. Food engineers are manipulating our foods, in order to make us addicted and overeat. Its easier to reach for a candy bar than cook up some red kidney beans when we are bored and want to eat a snack.

    Mainly put, cutting out sugar is cutting back calories. When you cut some calories you create a calorie deficit = weights loss. Sugar alone doesnt get stored as fat, excess calories get stored as fat, whether its from sugar, fat, protein or whatever else. Its just like that.

  2. I do have an addiction to sugar. I can avoid sugar (with a little tiny sadness) and stay on track well if I cut it off cold turkey. But then every now and then, a friend makes cookies or I’m at a special event and I think, “well, I haven’t had one in awhile (say 3-4 weeks). I think that having one would be okay.” But it doesn’t end up being one. It releases a devouring feasting beast inside me and it doesn’t stop.

    My brain stops, that’s for sure. Once I’m out the event, or finished visiting my friend, wherever I may have been, my eyes convert into a demonic, sugar-obsessive, blood shot red. Doesn’t matter if I’m painfully stuffed. I will go on a rampage hunt for all things sugar. Bread, chocolate, candy, peanut butter, Nutella, and I won’t be able to stop. No matter the pain. I’ve tried it gradually, but every time I had any sort of refined sugar (a pastry, a cupcake, a cookie), I go absolutely berserk.

    The best thing for ME, I’ve noticed… is not touch it at all and while I’ll feel sad for not eating it for just a few moments… I’ll move on and by the end of the day, I’ll be so ecstatic that I successfully completed the day without damaging myself and it makes all the much worthwhile.

    The only problem is that every now and then (’cause I’m at a wedding or a gathering), I THINK I can handle sugar. I THINK I have it under control. I tell myself, “well, I’ve been able to say ‘no’ to sugar for a month now, I think you’ll be able to take one and say no. You’ve been getting stronger. I’m sure you’ve developed stronger will and desire to keep your health in check.”

    But I’m wrong every time. And then it results in a massive, painful binge-out because the beast was released with that little bit of a cookie.

    I hate it.

  3. I don’t have too much of a sweet tooth; however, I do enjoy diet soda. As of January 2013, I gave that up. After a few months of not drinking it, I decided to go on the Paleo diet as well. Since then, I have lost roughly 30 pounds and feel amazing. I now only drink water, coffee, and almond milk – with a few alcoholic beverages on the weekends ;).

  4. I used to be a sugar fiend and one day I stopped (I had crazy headaches for two/three days which really shocked me!). I lost around 8% body fat and I wasn’t even in the “overweight” category.

    I find the best way to cut most sugar out of your diet is to only get things that have a max of 10% sugar and no artificial sweeteners. This really ends up steering you to healthy foods only. Basically the only things in packaging I buy now are full fat/cream dairy products (hopefully these are less processed than the “skinny” tampered with options). Check the back of dark chocolate packets too, you’d be amazed how high the sugar content is! The lowest I’ve found is 11% sugar.

    I pretty much don’t eat anything that’s processed anymore. It’s so much easier to make your own things anyway and then you don’t have to think about what’s in the food because you can see it all going in.

    It’s not rocket science people. I think if you find it hard, just try harder!

    You’ll feel so much better and over time it’ll become second nature. I always used to say yes to any form of cake, chocolate, dessert and now I don’t even feel like them when they’re in front of me! That’s something the old me would never have imagined possible!

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