I kicked my sugar addiction!

Kicked a sugar addiction in April by going cold turkey.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done–including a full-on, screaming-curse-words-and-sobbing-for-30-mins breakdown on day 3 (no joke)–but I gritted my teeth, and after five days I didn’t even miss it. As a lifelong emotional-eating sugar binger, since about age 5, to finish a meal and not *immediately* crave ALL THE SWEETS IN THE UNIVERSE — to, in fact, not even THINK about it at all — was a bizarre (in a good way) experience. Not for everyone, I suppose, but in my situation, cold turkey was the only way to go. If I had one cookie, I’d have the box. If I had a small bowl of ice cream, I’d end up eating the carton. Now, it’s a different story, and on the rare occasions I indulge… I actually find myself getting sick of whatever sweet I’m eating long before I finish the portion.

More importantly, my lifelong weight issues — something I had quite literally given up on — are fixing themselves. My sometime debilitating depression has abated almost entirely. My insomnia has almost entirely gone away. The list goes on.

Point being — DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO. Get off this junk. It will change your life. And, probably, save it.

2 thoughts on “I kicked my sugar addiction!

  1. These scientists at the major food corporations are getting better and better at CREATING flavors that over stimulate our tongues and cause us to over eat. It’s ridiculous.

    I’ve done considerable research for my master’s on natural medicinal products and Stevia has been shown to reduce blood pressure and decrease blood sugar levels in a variety of peer-reviewed scientific studies… so much so that it is being considered as a treatment for diabetes. It originated in South America where it was used to sweeten bitter teas and medicinal drinks. It has since gained a worldwide market, despite a ban in the USA due to lobbying efforts by cane sugar and artificial sweetener manufacturers.

    Now, however, it can be bought at your local grocery…if sweet drinks are your kryptonite, I highly recommend Stevia as a beneficial, natural alternative.

  2. You know, I have for the last month+ successfully avoided the candy jar at work since I decided I’d only consume high fructuse corn syrup 4 times per week, and that candy just isn’t worth it. But yesterday was a bad-impulse control kind of day, and I had 4 pieces (way less than my usual amount prior to giving up high fructose corn syrup) and highly sugary coffee drink, and what happened?

    I felt crappy. For the rest of the day – I was somewhat nauseous, lethargic and irritable.

    If that’s what overloading on processed sugar is like (and I know it is), then that’s pretty strong motivation to avoid the stuff.

    At least I relearned that lesson and it’s helped me start my day off better already. Thanks for posting an excellent article to reinforce what I already knew and ignored yesterday – I’m going to go work on personal rules and post them in my cubicle.

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