Here’s what you didn’t know about Senior Fitness Arvada

If any mention of the word “senior” causes you to write off the activity immediately, it may be time to reconsider your stance. Here are three things people often have misconceptions about that it’s time to shatter about senior fitness.

“Senior” doesn’t mean “Old”

Things have changed, and senior fitness programs have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Although classes are limited to those 65 years old and up, there’s no shortage of youth and energy when you walk into a senior fitness Arvada classroom. This isn’t your grandmother’s fitness workout, and you’ll be surprised with the ability of your peers to match twenty-somethings in their liveliness and spiritedness.

It’s not as Exclusive as you Think

Many people only picture one type of person when they think of “senior fitness” or “Pilates.” When classes are geared towards your age group, they’re more targeted to focus on areas that matter to you. It’s not bad to admit that you could benefit from a fitness class for seniors, and in fact it could be the best thing that you do for your body to help combat aging. Since you are in a different stage of life, your body is in need of a special type of care, and specialized fitness can be used by those looking to improve joint mobility and elasticity, while keeping joints limber. It can accommodate those who want to take it easy and exercisers who want to challenge themselves alike. Whether you want to minimize the effects of aging, look as young as they feel, or reduce the pain or achiness that’s recently become a more prevalent part of your everyday life, there are multiple applications for senior fitness classes.

You can Exercise more than your Body

Restoring physical vitality isn’t only about adopting a new fitness routine; it’s also about keeping a lively state of mind. Just as your muscles can be exercised, so too should another “muscle” be maintained: your brain. Continuing to challenge yourself with things like a new exercise class and staying active of mind is just as important as keeping your body active. You’ll be accompanied by others who will encourage you with their enthusiasm and vigor for life.

When it comes down to separating fact from fiction, you’ll find that senior classes aren’t some exclusive club meant for people who feel “old.” Once you sign up, you’ll understand how great it is to experience fitness that’s not only rejuvenating, but which also integrates a workout for both your mind and your body. You’ll never know until you give it a try for yourself, and you have absolutely nothing to lose.