Fruits that Help for Anxiety Sufferers

Anxiety is a mental state that is closely related to the things that we do, expect and even eat. That is why there are people that use foods to help the body cope well with the effects of anxiety. If you are bombarded with anxiety symptoms, don’t fret as there are fruits that you can eat to surely lower your anxiety.


Okay strawberries are not fruits. But it would not prevent us from including it on the list of fruits that can help people fight anxiety. We traditionally consider strawberries as fruits anyway so there would be not much difference if we eat strawberries as part of anti-anxiety diet. Strawberries are loaded with anti-oxidants which are helpful in countering the effects on anxiety to the body. It is also a rich source of fiber which can help the body lower the inflammation which is often the direct result of increased levels of stress hormones circulating around the body. It also has a lot of phytochemicals that has a beneficial effect that controls cortisol without the sugar rush as the carbohydrates that are found in strawberries are the complex kind.


There is no fruit list that would be complete without oranges. Oranges are packed with vitamin C which is one of the most important anti-oxidants that can help the body lower blood pressure levels by controlling stress hormones. While there are other fruits that also pack vitamin C, there is no other more popular choice for sources of vitamin C plus other nutrients and natural chemicals can be a great mood-lifter.


We have been hearing people getting healed by eating a lot of apples. Of course, the age-old saying that apples keep the doctors away has some basis in reality. But seriously, apples are one of the greatest fruits that people can eat because of its tremendous amount of anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that can help the body overcome or cope well with the ill-effects of anxiety and stress.

We know that eating right, exercising and relaxing are the foundation of solid coping mechanisms against anxiety. Anxiety would be much easier to control if only people are able to live cleaner, eat healthier and become more active because there is nothing that can replace healthy living in preventing an anxious mind.

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