Fish Oil Supplements and Low Calorie Recipes

What do the best fish oil supplements and low calorie recipes possibly have in common?

Well quite simply one of the best ways to supplement your diet is to eat fatty fish like salmon, as well as supplementing with it. The first response many people give is, but fish contains fat! How can you have a low calorie meal with fish?

Well try this: lightly seasoned salmon steaks seared in a pan, with a sauce of lime juice, chili powder and toasted pumpkin seeds gently melted with coconut oil in a hot pan and then poured over the salmon. To compliment this delicious dish serve with brown rice and steamed vegetables. An excellent source of omega 3’s at only 259 calories! You can find some more low calorie recipes here.

Still one of the most important things to supplement with are fish oils even when on a low calorie diet and there are many other delicious low calorie recipes that use fish rich in omegas. The best fish oil supplements are those that contain high EPH to DHA ratios. More information about fish oil supplements can be found on this page.

Many diets for cholesterol control are low calorie diets, so finding appealing low calorie recipes is vital, but even more vital is that people with high cholesterol supplement with the best fish oil supplements available to them.

When shopping for the best fish oil supplements take the following under consideration , look at the DHA vs EPA ratio, ensure the fish source is stated specifically and the fish oil must be pharmaceutical grade.

When shopping for fatty fish for your low calorie recipes take the following into consideration: farm-raised fish are fatter, but provide less usable, good omega 3 fats than wild fish. Wild fish aren’t treated with antibiotics, have less exposure to pesticides and contain less omega 6 fats than farm reared fish.

Buy wild harvested or cold water caught fish, ideally from the Icelandic/Norwegian/Arctic regions of the globe. The better sources are wild harvested sockeye salmon, mackerel or salmon, also herring, tuna, halibut & cod.

Go forth and cook up a storm, but remember to supplement too!