Drug Test?

When you think of the words “drug test”, what does it mean to you? To many people it’s a reminder of an upcoming event, a keyword, even an industry type. For many, a drug test is a pre-requisite for employment as well as normal procedure after they are hired. A drug test is what many parents have in mind for their teenagers. Many doctors also drug test patients initially as the pre-screening process so that possible drug abuse can be crossed of the list of potential causes.

According to Google Keyword Tools, the keywords “drug test” pulls in 1,000,220,000 global monthly searches on Google. That is a lot of searches! These keywords are highly searched because drug abuse is a huge problem that effects every fiber in society and it can dramatically affect your life directly or indirectly even if you don’t do drugs.

Although knowing the harmful side effects of prolonged use of illicit drugs, why not test teens, employees, patients, and students? Then again, why do users start experimenting in the first place? While all drugs are addictive and can cause severe health problems, let’s not forget to mention how hard it is to maintain employment while using them. In this day and time, due to drug free workplace policies, it has become almost impossible for recreational drug users to get a job with most American companies. All together, approximately 80% of all large companies already spend over 20 million dollars each year to drug test their current employees along with those they are considering to hire as part of their pre-screening policy.

Another fact is that parents who trust their child to not use drugs have deceived themselves. Parents may say “my kid would never do drugs”. WRONG! Ask the parent whose child lies in a grave at the local cemetery. All kids sooner or later lie: they’ll lie to parents, they’ll lie to teachers, to family members, and they will lie to you!One cannot sit back and pretend that sad things don’t happen to their family.Hopefully you will never have that situation occur, but you face the possibility that it might happen. How many teens have to die before people realize that this can be prevented by implementing a weekly or monthly drug test?

You can avoid risking further stress and worry by simply enforcing a drug testing policy in your place of business or at home. If you are not sure what to check for, Rapid Detect INC has a drug test that checks for the most common drugs of abuse, the Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test 10 Panel. Or maybe you are looking for a specific drug, like K2 for example, and want to test just for that drug; the Rapid Detect K2 Drug Test can help! No matter what drug of choice you want to test for, Rapid Detect INC is willing to help ease your mind with any of our drug tests. Visit rapiddetect.com 24 hours a day or call to speak with one of our Friendly Knowledgeable Sales Consultants at (888) 404-0020 Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm CST.