Avoiding Addiction to Pain Killers by Acting Responsibly

One of the main fears to many individuals who undergo electro surgery or any form of surgery is the fear that they will become addicted to the pain pills that their doctor prescribes to them following the procedure. While there are many in the United States who suffer from such addictions to pain prescriptions, and incurring a similar addiction to pain pills is therefore a legitimate fear for those who are coming out of a medical procedure, there are ways that a person can protect themselves from the dangers of becoming addicted to pain killers.

But first, it is important for those who are recovering from an electro surgical procedure or other form of surgery to understand the important role that pain killers play in the recovery process. This is because the fear of addition has driven many recovering patients to refuse pain prescriptions and suffer additional consequences.

Some of the dangers that could come upon those who refuse pain killers during their recovery process include the incursion of mood disorders, depression, increased stress, higher blood pressure, and other similar side effects stemming from the neglected pain treatment. So, while the possibility of incurring an addiction to pain killers may seem like a huge deterrent for some to take their prescribed pain pills, the possibilities waiting on the other end of the spectrum do not appear to be any healthier for a person.

That is why it is vitally important for an individual to understand that they can help treat their pain without becoming addicted to the pain killers if they will act responsibly. The first step to acting responsible concerning pain killers is to weigh the person risk one faces with the possibility of incurring an addiction.

This process of honest self-evaluation will help one to see what further steps and precautions they will need to take to avoid becoming addicted. Some questions that a person may wish to ask themselves during this evaluation phase can include “do I have a history of addictions? Does my family have a history of addictions? Is there a history of mood disorders in my family?”

These questions and others will help a person to know if they will need additional aid in controlling their pain killer regime so as to avoid an addiction. Setting up a regime according to needs and with the help of a trusted loved one is the next step a person can treat their pain killers with the responsibility that will help them avoid an addiction.

By giving the pain pills to a family member or other loved one to watch and regulate, the person who is recovering from an electro surgery will be able to avoid over use of the medication, which over use can lead to an addiction. One can talk with their doctor to help them to know with what frequency their pain medications should be regimented.

The doctor will be able to tell the patient how often they will need the pain killers with regularity and when they should be healed enough to start weaning off the pills. Having an honest conversation with oneself and asking for help from a loved one and the doctor are a few simple ways that a person can avoid incurring an addiction while still benefiting from the aid of prescription medication.