Anger Management: Stop Anger from Taking Control of Your Life

Having a really short temper can cause you to fly off the handle easily and get you into countless arguments and confrontations. Feeling and expressing anger is a normal human emotion but when it becomes persistent, raging and uncontrollable, it can put your health, sanity and relationships at serious risk. By learning to channel your anger in a healthy and constructive manner, you will be able to keep your short temper at bay and regain control of your life.

Anger can be helpful or harmful. Feeling angry when you’ve been maligned or hurt is but a natural and healthy human emotion. It’s sort of like the release valve which allows high-pressured steam to escape from inside a pressure cooker. It’s not anger that’s in question but, rather, how you handle it. Anger becomes a huge issue when it puts you or other people in harm’s way.

Look for ways to channel your anger constructively

If a situation warrants your anger and if there’s a way for you to prevent it from turning ugly, express the way you feel in a healthy way. When your anger is channeled constructively and with respect, you’ll discover that it can be a great source of inspiration to usher in positive changes.

Determine the true source of your anger

Were you ever involved in a heated exchange over nothing? Bitter arguments and fights are often caused by trivial stuff, like being a few minutes late or leaving a cup in the sink. Oftentimes, however, there is an underlying problem behind it. If you feel your rage beginning to swell up, stop and ask yourself what is it that really makes you mad? Pinpointing the actual source of your rage can help you express your anger in a healthier way, think constructively, and forge a solution peacefully.

Allow your anger to cool down

If your anger begins to get unmanageable, leave the scene for a few minutes or until your anger subsides. Listening to music, working out at the gym, or taking a short walk is not only a great anxiety cure, but they will also give your anger some time to dissipate, blow off some steam, and later get back to the situation with a calmer attitude.

Don’t fight dirty

Being mad at someone is one thing, but fighting dirty can quickly put an end to a relationship. Fight fair and respect others as you communicate your anger and frustration. Always be respectful of the other person’s opinion and feeling. Remember that your first concern is not to win the argument, but to maintain and strengthen the relationship.

Resolve conflicts through forgiveness

You can’t end a conflict if you refuse to forgive the other person. Resisting the urge to lash back and retaliate can resolve the problem. Leaving a relationship in shambles can never make up for your loss and can only deepen the injury.

If you have a short fuse, you may feel that it’s beyond your control and there’s not much you can do to manage your anger. But you do have mastery over your rage, more than you imagine. You can learn to convey your frustration and anger without the need to hurt others. By managing your emotions, you’re more likely to obtain your needs and feel better at the same time. Learning to control your rage will require your patience but, with constant practice, it gets easier over time and will reward you with a healthier, less stressful life.

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