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Is fructose really that harmful?

Firstly, people must understand that fructose, like glucose, is a simple sugar, which is contained in sugar and in high fructose corn syrup. While glucose is absolutely vital for the life of human cells, fructose isn’t. Glucose is not only found in a number of starches, but is also produced by the human body cells, as well as by any other cell in the world. Continue reading

Is vegetarianism or veganism healthier than the western diet? Or it is a pseudoscience?

You may think that veganism is a new hipster-related trend, but actually this form of “extreme” vegetarianism was founded back in 1944 by a group of vegetarians who called for a “new way of living” by throwing out all animal-made products from their lives, and this includes not only the food, but any other products made from animals or tested on animals, such as leather boots, wool socks and even silk linen. Continue reading